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The innovative Canning Tumbleator™ Moving Platform

24th March 2014

Canning Conveyor has over 30 years global experience in creating and delivering customised, innovative conveyor systems for the television and film industries which are backed up by a first
class, award winning, quality of service.

During this time Canning Conveyor has worked for a range of top studios including Elstree, Pinewood, London, Shepperton, Black Island and Fountain Studios alongside production companies all over the world such as CPL Production, Freemantle, Talk  Back, Inca, Stink and RSA films.

As market leader Canning Conveyor are the creators of the innovative Tumbleator™ moving platform, a system which has been widely used in a variety of game shows, including the UK BAFTA Nominated Sky 1’s hit celebrity series, ‘A League of Their Own’ including ‘A League of Their Own Australia’ filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney.

The Canning Tumbleator ™ system which can be demonstrated here in our UK factory, has been designed for a range of film and TV applications and can in most cases, be unpacked, assembled and installed in under 2 hours, making the system a cost effective solution, saving on studio time and costs.

The Tumbleator™ range:

The wide, flat bed Tumbleator™ Our Tumbleator™ has a standard 1800mm wide belt with a 2m wide overall frame, can be supplied in various lengths from 2.5m extended to over 50 metres and is assembled on location. This unique and versatile conveyor is able to operate at variable speeds in either forward or reverse modes and is capable of effective speeds well in excess of 25mph.

All our Tumbleators  models are designed for maximum safety and are designed to absorb repeated impact and are capable of carrying excessive loads at variable speeds. This high performance makes it perfect for film & TV applications, which have been used in many gameshows, live events and film scenes in special effects, which need to create the effect of movement without having to mobilise an entire film crew.

The low level Tumbleator™  are supplied with standard legs, giving 500mm high from top of belt to floor level. Safety crash mats are normally used around the sides and end of the Tumbleator and as an option, we also offer for hire either steel or lit deck frames together with high density crash mats to suit.  The Tumbleator™ can be quickly adapted on site and is ideal for shooting in front of a live studio audience. Featured here in the newly launched A League of Their Own Australia

The high level Tumbleator™ are supplied with extended legs, giving 1100mm high from top of belt to floor level,  make it ideal for an environment where a raised platform is the ideal option, or where ball pits are required. Our Tumbleators with extension legs have been used in many series of the UK A League Of Their Own. 
Featured here in the latest series of A League of Their Own UK series 7

Our hydraulic Tumbleator™
mounted on our support frame, which can be adjusted hydraulically through a wide choice of angles by our experienced operators.  It represents the ideal choice for the demands of outdoor events or larger film productions in special effects.

Featured here in our new Tumbleator video...

Canning Tumbleator™ systems have been developed from years of experience with conveyors and the film and TV industries.  Your production will also benefit from our advice and knowledge and the assurance that our engineers will work alongside your production team to ensure that the impeccable safety record of the Tumbleator ™ is maintained.

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